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Organisation Name: Child Welfare Bloemfontein & Childline Free State

Postal Address: PO Box 1011, Bloemfontein 9300

Street Address: 54 Aliwal Street, Arboretum, Bloemfontein 9301

Telephone Number: 051 430 3311

Fax Number: 051 447 4264                                  

Crisisline: 080 005 5555     


Twitter: @childline_fs



Banking Details

Bank Details:

Child Welfare Bloemfontein & Childline Free State

Cheque Account

ABSA Brandwag

Account no: 103 965 3920

Branch code: 632 005

 VAT Number   478 012 2448
 NPO number  002-775-NPO    
 PBO number 18/11/13/681

Report Child Abuse

If you know about any child being abused in any form, please contact us to send help.  

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child welfare bloemfontein logo handsChild Welfare Bloemfontein & Childline Freestate is committed to advocate for the rights of children, to provide family support and empowerment programmes and to protect children against any form of abuse.


54 Aliwal Street, 
Arboretum, Bloemfontein, 9301
Tell: 051 430 3311 
Email :


Strengthen our hands by joining the awareness campaigns to sensitise communities and the public sectors to protect children and woman against abuse.