Business Services
We strive to not just rely on funders, government and corporate donations for financial sustainability, but to find innovative, self-generating ways to raise funds while adding value to the business community. We provide independent, quality, social work consultation, counselling, socio-emotional assessments, interactional analysis and therapy services. These services are rendered by trained professionals, at affordable costs to the business community.


Workshops for company staff


We conduct information sessions with specific focus on prevention and communication around issues of children – possible themes

• Children’s Rights
• Children’s Legislation
• Children’s development
• Child Abuse & Neglect
• Anti- Bullying
• Positive Sexuality Programme for ages 12- 18 years
• Vhutshilo Programme
• Positive Parenting
• Family violence
• Divorce – custody issues and maintenance disputes

CPD Training for social workers

The implementation of CPD for social service professionals is guided by the Policy on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of persons registered with the South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP, 2009).

The following CPD training opportunities are available at an affordable cost - please contact our offices for more information on prices/ packages.

• Social Work Services to Child Victims of Sexual Abuse
• Trauma Containment with Children
• Healers Package – working with abused children

Independent Social Work Services

Clinical social work, whose focus is on individuals, families and groups, has its roots in social casework, which always has been a primary method for the delivery of social work services. Child Welfare & Childline have been moving into offering independent social work services, which further confirms to the commitment of trained and experienced professionals to the direct treatment of individuals, families and groups.

  • Consultation – This is a once off session with the individual/family in order to give clarity regarding legal procedures and possible solutions.
  • Trauma debriefing – A process to indentify and “diffuse” any excessive feelings as a result of being in attendance or affected by an incident or disaster. The Purposes is to enable the individual to regain normal functioning as quickly as possible.
  • Therapy– Social work assistance which focuses on the emotional and psychological needs of the client. Play- Family- and Attachment Therapy
  • Counselling- Can be seen as any technique used to assist an individual with personal problems– Family conflict management, Divorce counselling, Domestic violence support, Bereavement, Grief counselling and parenting guidance
  • Custody mediation – When parents agree to use a neutral third party to settle their disputes to reach an agreement.
  • Parenting Plan – This plan form part of the separation agreement.
  • Socio-emotional Assessment – Holistically evaluates the child’s living environment and experiences.
  • Interaction analysis – Social interaction, embracing both verbal and non-verbal conduct, in situations of everyday life.


child welfare bloemfontein logo handsChild Welfare Bloemfontein & Childline Freestate is committed to advocate for the rights of children, to provide family support and empowerment programmes and to protect children against any form of abuse.


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Strengthen our hands by joining the awareness campaigns to sensitise communities and the public sectors to protect children and woman against abuse.