Foster Care Applications


To be considered as a possible foster parent, there are some forms that you will need to fill out. 

Read all the information on the forms carefully before submitting your application and make sure you have all of the supporting documents before sending us the application. 

Download and complete the following forms:


Form 1:  CWCL 35 – Application as a prospective foster parent (V1.1)
Form 2: Form 30- Inquiry by individual in CPR Part B


Send your applications to:


Be an informed applicant by reading the following extra information:

We need your help: Baby Room

We need your help!
Our social workers need to make sure that all children are living in safe and protected conditions. Sometimes, these conditions are found to be unsafe. 
We have an urgent need to have a room readily available at our main building in Aliwal Street in Bloemfontein, so that if children are waiting, they will have a bed to sleep on, clothes and all the necessary items needed to keep them comfortable.

Please see our needs on the image below.

If you would like to donate one of the items you can drop it off at 54 Aliwal Street, Arboretum, BFN.

Spin for Them 2018

 Thank you to all the cyclists who took part in the “Spin for Them” event this year!!

Our six children will benefit greatly from your participation!

Here are the profiles of the children you can ride for this year: