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    Join Our Chat Room

    Childline SA is primarily a counselling service for children up to the age of 18. We chat to children from all over South Africa as well as adults that have concerns about children. We are available Monday-Friday, 11am-1pm & 2pm-6pm, except on public holidays.

    Childline is a 24-hour toll free helpline for children and their families who have been victims of violence.

    The 24-hour toll free telephone line serves as the initial point of intake where social work related matters are reported. All incoming calls are screened and assessed to determine the need for immediate assistance or telephone counselling.

    On average 8000 – 10 000 calls are received per year, evidence of the sincere need for this service.

    Childline Free State also aims to empower vulnerable children and families through awareness programmes. We aim to encourage families to develop resilience, accept responsibility and to be involved in matters of child abuse.

    The Childline service was started in 1986 in Kwazulu-Natal in response to the very high levels of child sexual abuse  in South Africa. Provincial offices were developed and in 2001 the Telkom Family Helpline affiliated with Childline South Africa, becoming Childline Free State.

    In 2005 Child Welfare Bloemfontein & Childline Free State merged. Child Welfare Bloemfontein & Childline function under one NPO number and is also recognised & affiliated with Childline South Africa

    Capacity Building

    We facilitate capacity building programmes, aimed at developing and strengthening the skills, abilities and resources of our youth, their families and the communities they form part of. 

    Programmes include:

    – Early Childhood Development: The effective management of centres where there are children from ages 0–6 is of the utmost importance. Our Early Childhood Development team is ready to support matrons and caregivers with their management and will ensure that centres comply with relevant legislation.

    – Our puppet theatre is also always ready to help educate children in important topics, topics such as reporting abuse.

    – Field Instructing of Fourth Year Social Work Students.

    – Social Work Students in-service learning.

    – Social Auxiliary Workers internships.

    – Child & Youth Care internships.

    – CPD Training courses for Social Workers.



    Heidedal & Mangaung Afterschool







    Our Afterschool programmes (based at our satellite offices in Heidedal & Mangaung) provide a safe space for children to do homework, enjoy recreational activities and also be taught some essential life skills. The Afterschool programmes are manned by previously unemployed community members trained to become skilled Child and Youth Care Workers.

    Tshepong Thuthuzela Care Centre

    Thuthuzela, the Xhoza for comfort, is exactly what this centre stands for.

    Victims of sexual abuse, rape & physical abuse are given back their dignity and hope at the Thuthuzela Care Centre.


    The Thuthuzela Care Centre is located at the National District Hospital in Bloemfontein where a doctor conducts a medical examination, the victim’s statement is taken by the investigating officer on call at the centre and the victim receives further medical treatment.

    This process, together with trauma debriefing and counselling by the social worker on site, in a safe comforting environment allows victims to become survivors.

    Temporary Safe Care

    Temporary Safe Care: Talitha Cumi Centre

    The core focus for Child Welfare Bloemfontein & Childline Free State is the protection of children against any form of abuse. To achieve this Social Workers need to be able to assist or intervene and to be able to provide immediate alternative shelter, protection and care for children when the situation demands it.

    Talitha Cumi provides safe, temporary, immediate alternative shelter and care for children.

    Early Intervention

    Early Intervention Services

    This core service focuses on strengthening and building the capacity of families where the children were identified as being vulnerable or at risk of removal to alternative care. Social workers council families with the hope of preserving the family unit, with the best interest of the child always being the priority.

    Statutory interventions (as prescribed by relevant legislation) include the following:

    • • Child abuse & neglect investigations & Removal of children
    • • Placement of children in Temporary Safe Care
    • • Children’s Court Investigations
    • • Placements of children in alternative care
    • • Foster care supervision services
    • • Reunification services
    • • Trauma debriefing, counselling & support services to victims of abuse. 

    All Social Workers employed by Child Welfare Bloemfontein & Childline Free State are registered with the South African council for social service professions (SACSSP)

    1. Area of operation is:

    • Head office at 54 Aliwal Street
    • Heidedal satellite office (c/o Parish & Murison Avenue Heidedal)
    • Mangaung (at the back of Manguang SAPS station in Namibia Square)

    Child Protection

    Introduction to child protection services

    The Children’s Act (38 of 2005) aimed at the support, protection and well being of all children under the age of 18 form the basis of all our Social Work activities, interventions and child protection services.

    What we do

    All reported incidents of physical or mental neglect; physical, emotional or sexual abuse; abandonment; uncontrollable behavioral problems; ill-treatment or harmful living conditions are investigated by our Social Workers.