Our History

Child Welfare Bloemfontein was founded in 1914 by a group of volunteers who identified a sincere need for welfare services in the community. The first social worker was appointed in 1938 to provide community rehabilitation service and offer social relief to families.

In the fifties it became evident in the Social Worker’s reports how many children were neglected and abused. So in 1965 a Child Welfare Society was established in Heidedal and in August 1996 the Societies of Child and Family Welfare Bloemfontein and Heidedal merged and took on the responsibility of child protection in Bloemfontein, Heidedal and Mangaung.

What We Represent

The rights of children and the protection of children against any form of abuse.

Sound, effective, transparent management principles govern our social services and capacity building programmes. Our goal is to empower children, families and communities to be resilient and self-reliant.